Brilliant Residentials and Learning Away

As part of the continuing development of the original Learning Away programme a second campaigning phase has now emerged as a result of continued support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The campaign is calling on everyone: schools, teachers, parents, students, residential providers, Initial Teacher Education providers, youth groups and all those working with young people to pledge to work together to provide more and higher quality brilliant residentials.

What makes a Brilliant Residential?

The independent evaluation of the Learning Away programme has provided overwhelming evidence of the impact and benefits of a residential experience, and helped us to understand what makes a brilliant residential.  If delivered in this way, residentials can have a huge impact on schools, teachers and on children and young people of all ages, improving their: resilience; achievement; relationships; and engagement with learning.

By the understanding of how to plan and deliver brilliant residentials gained throughout the action research phase of the Learning Away programme, we have created a range of free resources.  These will help schools and providers to develop brilliant residentials of their own, leading to whole school improvement and brilliant futures for young people. We want everyone to know about this and your pledge will help.

The English Outdoor Council has made the following pledge as part of the Brilliant Residentials campaign:


Campaign for Adventure

The Campaign seeks to show that life is best approached in a spirit of exploration, adventure and enterprise; to influence and better inform attitudes towards risk; to build wider recognition that chance, unforeseen circumstances and uncertainty are inescapable features of life and that absolute safety is unachievable; and to demonstrate that sensible education and preparation enable an appropriate balance to be achieved between risk & safety and achievement & opportunity.  Details are available at

Outdoor Adventure Week

Outdoor Adventure Week runs over the last week of May , embracing action events, activities and experiences throughout the UK.  Participants and providers include adventure sports clubs, youth organisations, schools, colleges and hundreds of local adventure providers and active local communities and of course thousands of adventurers.

Anyone and everyone is welcome – just get involved and enjoy the ride!  Campaign for Adventure has created this for you!

Ian Lewis, Coordinator of the Campaign for Adventure, and organiser of ‘Outdoor Adventure Week 2012’ says “Our Adventurous Britain can stride out and properly enjoy itself. It has been a real pleasure to work with  all the partners in creating this huge opportunity available to everyone.  New challenges are being offered and are available every day through local groups, schools and sports clubs.”

So come on, get yourself out there!  For more information call local rate 0845 345 7423 or email

Learning Outside the Classroom

The English Outdoor Council supports the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and forms its sector partnership group for the adventurous activities sector.  Details are available at