Outdoor Learning Research Sources

Page index Reviews of Research in Outdoor Learning
Health, Well-Being and Open Space (UK)
A Review of Research on Outdoor Learning (UK)
Why Adventure? The Role and Value of Outdoor Adventure in young people's personal and social development (UK)
Summary of the Effects of Outdoor Education Programs or "Does Outdoor Education Work?" (Australia)

Outdoor Learning Discussion Lists
Outdoor and adventure education research (IOL, UK)
A list of 'Outdoor Discussion Lists'
A list of 'Discussion Lists about Outdoor and Experiential Education'

Refereed Outdoor Learning Journals
Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning (IOL)
Environmental Education Research 
Australian Journal of Outdoor Education
New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education
Journal of Experiential Education 
The Bradford Papers Online
Journal of Environmental Education 
Journal of Environmental Psychology
Applied Environmental Education and Communication
International Journal of Wilderness
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education

Outdoor Learning Research Conferences

Other sources of research about Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Education Research A~Z (UK)
OPENspace: the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments (UK)
European Institute for Experiential Learning and Outdoor Adventure (EOE, Europe)
Non-Formal Education through Outdoor Activities (Europe)
Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center (Wilderdom)
Outdoor and Environmental Education Research (AEOE)
Institute for Outdoor Learning and Education (Indiana University)
Articles on Outdoor Education & Experiential Education (OutdoorEd.com)
Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative (OBHRC) at the University of Idaho (USA)

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